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Piano polish set

Piano polish set doet het meubel van uw piano of vleugel weer glanzen.

Geschikt voor polyesterlak of shellak politoer.

Engelstalige product beschrijving van onze leverancier:

LACK POLISH „brillant“*, manual and machine polish for high-gloss lacquers with excellent preservation characteristics for cleaning and refining high-gloss varnish coats with slight damages. LACKPOLISH brillant is high-gloss polish for all shellac and polyester surfaces. Seals surfaces antistatically and produces a deep gloss as clear as a mirror.

Advice for use:
Apply LACKPOLISH „brillant“ sparingly with a soft sponge or cloth evenly in a circular movement. When it is dry, polish off the white polishing film with clean soft cloths.

Polishing water „elegant“, for finishing is a final treatment for polyester, for care, protection and preservation of polished surface of high-quality upright and grand pianos. Surfaces get back deep and brilliant gloss. Finger prints and slight soiling are removed fast and easily. Treated parts are preserved water and dirt rejecting and are looking practically new. Polishing water „elegant“ dries quickly and produces a smooth surface. Polishing water „elegant“ is very good for quick treatment of
exhibition goods in presentation rooms or fairs. Can also be used for final treatment of lacquered wood surfaces and plastic.
The small 125 ml bottles are best to use for piano customer and tuning service.

Advices for use:
Apply Polishing water „elegant“ by a vaporizer economically and evenly on surfaces and distribute it with a microfibre cloth. With another
cloth polish for high-gloss. Only for use on lacquered surfaces

49 EUR